Kevin Schilder

I am proud to call myself a life-long Wisconsonite. I was born in Milwaukee and grew up in Menomonee Falls. At age 9, I began lessons on the saxophone and discovered a love and talent for music that would influence much of my life. Music was fun and came easy to me, so I participated in every type of instrumental group the school had to offer. In high school, I formed a rock band in which I played bass guitar and sang. Although I enjoyed many activities and subjects, it seemed a likely choice to be involved in music after high school. I eventually ended up at the University of Wisconsin - Madison where I earned a degree in music performance. That was followed by additional coursework at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee to earn my teacher's license for music education.


My professional career began as a band director. I taught all areas of music in middle and high school for six years. Although teaching was going well, I realized I had a strong desire to compose my own original music. The opportunity came in 1994 when I was invited to join a new video game production studio as in-house composer and sound designer. I was privileged to be in on the ground level of this exciting new industry. My skills in music composition, production, audio design and computers developed quickly. Over the next 16 years, I composed and produced hours of original music and created hundreds of sound effects for award winning video games. I established and developed the audio department, setting direction and standards for top quality music and sound design in all our products. I also grew as a leader and creative designer in roles such as creative lead, project lead, and project administrator.


I now work independently out of my home studio. Here, I continue to develop my knowledge and skills in music composition and audio production for all forms of media. I look forward to any and all opportunities to apply my years of experience and knowledge in the design and creation of audio/visual media.