Kevin Schilder


The music I created for "Heretic II" is some of my favorite. Here are a few selections.

"Hexen II" was primarily written as midi music. I also created redbook versions. Here are a couple pieces from that game.
I grew up as a Star Trek fan, so it was a privilege to have the opportunity to create my own original soundtrack in the style and tradition of that iconic show. "Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force" blends musical styles from that iteration as well as my own nod to the original series. Here are a few montages of all the game music I created.
"Chortopia"  is an app I worked on as a member of Aurasync Studios. Check out for more information.

"Crystals of Kaydor" was  a project I worked on for Learning Games Network (LGN) in 2013. Below are a few samples of the music.

"Fairplay" was a project I worked on for LGN in 2013. The music I created is in more of a jazz style. Below are a few samples.
"Anne and Emmett" was a project I worked on for LGN in 2015. Below are two pieces of background music.
"Tenacity" was a project I worked on for LGN that focused on mindfulness and breathing. The music I created was to enforce that state of mind in different scenarios.
"Zeness" was another project I worked on for LGN. The music is designed to be relaxing and contemplative.
Some years ago, I create a piece for a project that never came to be. The music was in the style of the old action hero serials. This is the intro piece I wrote.
The first projects I worked on were made for midi only, so I don't have any demos to share here. Fortunately, there are some excellent versions of that music easily available by searching Youtube. I encourage you to go there to check out my music from: Heretic, Hexen, Necrodome, Mageslayer and Take No Prisoners.